Adventure With a Purpose

Many of the places we run our expeditions are in less economically developed countries where many of the local people are a lot less fortunate than ourselves. Extreme poverty, lack of healthcare, no education, child labour, and poor women rights are just some of the challenges that many people face on a daily basis. We cannot visit and enjoy these places and remain ignorant to the suffering and hardships many of the local population face. A fundamental part of the Untamed World ethos is to raise awareness of these issues and to take positive action to tackle not only the problem, but also the cause of the problem.

While we support disaster relief efforts where required we at Untamed World are firm believers of working to provide and support long term solutions. We believe investing in the future generations is the most effective way to tackle the cause of the problem and provide the long term, sustainable solutions that are so desperately needed. As such a lot of the work we support is with children and our partnerships with local charities strive to provide eduction, healthcare and support to children from the very poorest backgrounds. We also actively promote equal rights for women, fight poverty through education and training schemes and work to provide health care accessible to all in local communities.

All of our international expeditions, whether that be an exploratory expedition or an adventure travel trip, are paired with a local charitable cause or project which aim to make a practical, positive contribution to the community. A set amount of money per person on each expedition goes directly to the charity or project and we work in close partnership with the charities to ensure the money is used in the most effective and appropriate way.


The Charities We Support

Nepal: Sunrise Children’s Association Inc.

There are thousands of children in Nepal being separated from their families, either being trafficked or lured away with the promise of a better life and an education then being forced into child labour. There are over 16,000 children in orphanages or other similar institutions, of these approximately 70-80% are not orphans. Sunrise Children’s Association work in partnership with local communities to help alleviate poverty amongst disadvantaged children and their families, primarily through education and livelihood support. Sunrise aim to empower families and strengthen family unity, so they can create safe, nurturing family environments, where children can develop to their full potential and become happy, healthy, independent members of their local and global community.

To read more about the amazing work Sunrise Children’s Association are doing with the children in Nepal take a look at our Journal post