Expeditions are challenging and will demand a lot of you. At some point you will be tired, sore, aching, too cold, too hot, in pain or probably a combination! Untamed World expeditions require endurance, determination and resilience, however you don’t need to be superhuman and it’s our mission to help you succeed. We’ve written our Expedition Grading System to give you an idea of how hard you can expect to be working and we’ve also written a training plan to help you get in shape for expedition. You can make your life easier by properly preparing for your expedition, so do take your chosen expedition seriously, commit time to training for it and if you think you need to, go see a fitness professional to help you prepare for your adventure.



The degree of effort required and how hard individual team members will find the expedition is highly subjective so rather than tell you how hard its going to be we have an expedition grading system that shows what you can be expect to be doing. We have four main criteria areas that we base our grading on:

  • Distance travelled
  • Weight carried
  • Terrain and daily altitude gain
  • Climate and altitude

Bars are indicating difficulty levels


  • Distance – Upto 10km per day
  • Weight – Upto 10kg
  • Terrain – Relatively Easy with upto 500m per day altitude gain
  • Climate – Comfortable Climate


  • Distance – Upto 15km per day
  • Weight – Upto 15kg
  • Terrain – Steeper with alitude gain of upto 750m per day
  • Climate – Hot and humid, or higher altitude


  • Distance – Upto 20km per day
  • Weight – Upto 20kg
  • Terrain – Challenging conditions. Upto 1000m per day altitude gain
  • Climate – On some days likely to be hostile, i.e. extremely cold, or hot and humid. Some sections may be at higher altitudes.


  • Distance – Upto and beyond 30km a day
  • Weight – Upto 30kg
  • Terrain – Very challenging terrain including technical terrain, or very thick jungle and daily altitude gains of up to 1500m.
  • Climate – Sustained hostile environments, i.e. extremely cold, or hot and humid. Or sustained time at high altitude.



All Untamed World expeditions require thorough and committed training and preparation. This should start well in advance of the expedition in order to allow time for team members to ensure they can meet the fitness requirements outlined in the fitness advice section of the Expedition Joining Instructions. Requirements differ between expeditions, and specific fitness guidance will be given in the Joining Instructions for each expedition.

At a very basic level team members should be able to jog for at least an hour, and walk for 8 hours in the British hills (or equivalent), carrying 20kg for at least 3 consecutive days. Sustained exertion, harsh conditions, poor food and lack of sleep all combine to increase the effects of fatigue over the course of an expedition. This is hard to replicate or train for but it is recommended that team members have at least one mini-expedition as part of their training to give them an idea of the build up of fatigue over consecutive days on the move.

The Untamed World Expedition Training Plan is a minimum suggested level of activity that team members should be achieving and are encouraged to do more.

If you have questions regarding fitness requirements or preparing for your chosen expedition please do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 ??? 2489 or via email at and the team will be more than happy to help.

‘By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail’

– Benjamin Franklin