International flights are not included with any Untamed World expeditions and the cost shown for each expedition is exclusive of any costs associated with getting to the start point of the expedition.  All team members are responsible for getting to the start point of the expedition which will be detailed in the ‘Plan’ section of the expedition page.

Before booking flights make sure you have had a look at the time and date that team members need to be at the start point for in order to avoid the expedition departing without you! You can find all of this information in the ‘The Plan’ section of the expedition page.

If you have any queries or need advice on booking flights contact the Untamed World team on and we’ll be happy to help you choose your flights.



The visa arrangements are the responsibility of the individual team member. Some countries require visas to be obtained in advance while others can be issued in the airport upon arrival. We have included below advice on what to look for when arranging your visa and the advice specific to the countries that Untamed World currently runs expeditions to. The information below is correct as of April 2017 however team members should also consult with the relevant Embassy when arranging their visa to ensure they are working to the most up-to-date guidance.

Considerations When Arranging Your Visa

  • How far in advance can you apply for your visa?
  • How long does the visa last for?
  • Do you need a single entry or a multiple entry visa?
  • Do you need visas for more than one country?
  • What supporting documents do you need to supply with your application form?
  • Do you need to supply photographs? If so, what exact size, colour or black and white, and how many?
  • How much will your visa cost?
  • Do you need to fulfil any medical requirements before applying for a visa?
  • Will a Letter of Invitation be required to submit with your application?
  • How and where can you apply for a visa. Must you apply in person?
  • Are there any restrictions e.g. you must have a minimum amount of cash to enter?
  • If on the road when you need to apply, how will you manage this?
  • Must you apply in person to supply biometric data?
  • Have you read the visa section of the relevant Untamed World Expedition Joining Instructions?



Some team members prefer to use a visa assistance company, such as CIBT Visa or The Visa Machine, to help with the arranging of the relevant travel documents. These companies will charge a fee but be useful if you’re busy and can take the hassle out of arranging visas with complex requirements. However not all visas can be arranged this way so do check before hand that this is an option.



For UK citizens a visa is required to travel to Nepal. Visas are available on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport and at some land borders. You can pay in pounds sterling at the airport. Take two passport-sized photos with you. If you wish to stay for more than 60 days you can extend your visa up to 30 days by applying to the Nepalese Department of Immigration at Kalikasthan, Kathmandu.

This is relevant for our Nepal: Everest Base Camp Expedition


British nationals don’t need a visa to enter Morocco for the purpose of tourism for up to 3 months. When entering the country, make sure your passport is stamped. Some tourists have experienced difficulties leaving the country because their passport bears no entry stamp.

This is relevant for our Morocco: High Atlas Summits Expedition


You’ll need a visa to visit Zimbabwe. You can get a visa from the Zimbabwean Embassy in London or on arrival in Zimbabwe. Most tourists use the visa on arrival service; take enough cash with you in small notes to pay for your visa at the airport. You can also apply for a visa online before travel. Make sure you travel with the correct documentation otherwise you risk arrest and deportation. Check current entry requirements with the Zimbabwe High Commission in London before you travel. Visitors are currently being given entry permission for anything up to 90 days but you should check that the number of days given at the port of entry covers your intended period of stay. You can apply to have this period renewed and extended if required.

Note on Filming, Photography and Social Media

Anyone intending to carry out journalistic activity must arrange prior accreditation through the Zimbabwean Embassy in London. Journalists should not carry out any reporting or official photography without the proper accreditation as there is a risk of arrest, detention in difficult conditions, a possible fine and deportation. The Zimbabwean government has made clear that they will penalise any journalists found to be working in Zimbabwe without accreditation. The Zimbabwe Government uses a broad definition of journalism. This may include any form of interview, filming or photography. You should also carefully consider risks associated with engaging in social media activities such as posting comments, blogging or sharing photographs, which could be construed as journalism.

This is relevant for our Zimbabwe: Navigating the Zambezi Expedition


British nationals don’t need a visa to enter and stay for up to 60 days. If you stay in Kyrgyzstan for over 60 days without a valid visa, you’ll be liable for a fine. It’s not possible to get a visa in Kyrgyzstan if you originally entered the country without a visa. If you think you may spend more than 60 days in Kyrgyzstan, you should get a visa from a Kyrgyz Embassy before you travel or on arrival at the airport in Bishkek. The visa can be extended at a Kyrgyz Government office at 66, Razzakova Street in Bishkek.

This is relevant for our Kyrgyzstan: High Pamirs Expedition


You will need to get a visa before you travel. You should apply at the nearest Burmese Embassy or Consulate well in advance of travelling. You can also apply online. For more information about entry requirements, visit the website of the Embassy.

This is relevant for our Burma: Northern Hill Tribes Expedition