Small teams, Remote Locations, Real Adventure.

At Untamed World we’re all about exploration and adventure, we don’t do guided tours, we create and lead expeditions into the wildest places on earth. We always keep our teams as small as possible, we don’t use large teams of porters, and our ventures are largely self-supported. We do this in order to minimise our impact on the environment and stay true to our ethos of truly adventurous expeditions. The places we go are genuinely remote, with little to no human habitation and medical assistance can be days away. In some cases we’re attempting world firsts where its likely no one else has even been before. We have robust contingency planning in place but make no mistake about it, we’re in the wild. Our motto is Venture The Unknown. Whether that is going somewhere no one has been before, attempting a bold adventure challenge, or a personal challenge and doing something outside of your comfort zone. Whatever it is our expeditions are arduous undertakings, expect to work hard, and feel a massive sense of achievement by the end of the adventure.


Thorough, Yet Flexible Enough To Deal With The Unknown.

With an Untamed World expedition, due to the nature of some of the countries and regions that we go to, conditions can be uncertain and there is a reasonably high chance that the plan will change. When we plan our expeditions we account for this and rather than a day by day itinerary we have an expedition aim and a guide as to how this will be achieved. The plan is always designed to be flexible and we are prepared to adapt to changing circumstances. In support of the plan, given the adventurous nature of the expeditions and the remote locations that we operate in, we ensure there is robust contingency planning in place and emergency situations are extensively planned for.


Local Food, Local Accommodation, Local Transport, What’s Not To Love?

On expedition we stay in local accommodation, use local transport and eat local food as far as possible in order to maximise our contribution to the local economy and also to engage with the local people, culture and way of life. However, this cultural immersion might, at times, be more than you bargained for. We usually eat local food and while often excellent it can at times be repetitive and bland, especially as we get more remote. Sometimes, however, there is no other option but to take freeze dried expedition food, which isn’t too bad really. The accommodation depends on the expedition but we use everything from tents to local homes and farm stays, and when passing through bigger towns or cities hotels and B&Bs. We don’t do five star luxury but hey this is an adventure not a holiday and when we do have the privilege of staying with local families the hospitality is amazing and we truly do get to experience their way of life. When it comes to transport we use everything from the good old Mk1 foot, to pick up trucks and local aircraft. The local transport might not necessarily be up to the same maintenance standards we’d expect in the West but our expedition leaders carry out continuous assessments to ensure transport is safe for purpose.

We have a mantra: work the plan to the conditions. We trust our experienced expedition leaders to make decisions on the ground with regards to the plan, accommodation, transport and all other elements of the expedition. All in all it is crucial that teams remain flexible, yet determined and above all keep a sense of humour and get stuck in as we any overcome issues that may arise and work towards achieving the overall aim of the expedition.



Adventurous People, Shared Goal… You Got This!

An Untamed World expedition sees a group of strangers from different backgrounds and levels of experience all brought together by a shared goal. Our expeditions are adventurous and can be pretty demanding at times and teamwork is essential. There is a strong focus on team work and it is absolutely essential that everyone pulls together on the expedition in order to ensure the best chance of success and achieving the expedition aim. While there is no typical team member there are a number of essential criteria that team members must meet.


The ability to work well in a team is a fundamental requirement for anyone wanting to join an Untamed World expedition. It is likely that obstacles will present themselves on the journey to achieving the expedition aim and it is only through team work that these can be overcome and the aim successfully achieved. Everyone on an Untamed World expedition team is expected to get stuck in and contribute in order to ensure the best chance of success. Everyone needs to be prepared to help each other out, everyone has bad days, and if someone is struggling the rest of the team need to pull together and help each other out. The team look after and look out for each other and keep the team moving forward, toward achieving the expedition aim.


It can be pretty tough going at times on an Untamed World expedition. Long days, heavy packs, harsh terrain, extreme weather, set backs and delays and don’t get us started on the insects. All of this can wear you down, especially over prolonged periods. However, even when you’re cold, tired, hungry or just not really feeling it that day you need to be able to keep going. But hey it’s not all bad. Throw a couple of nice views in and it all seems worthwhile. It’s worth the sense of achievement at the end, once you climbed that peak or navigated that stretch of hippo filled river.


When the weather turns and it’s pouring down with rain and the temperature is dropping and you’re only 3 miles into a 15 mile trek up over steep, rough ground and then you fall over and end up covered in mud, there’s only one thing to do. Laugh. Get back up and keep going. These are arduous expeditions and everyone will find them demanding to some extent in one way or another. It is essential to team morale that individuals can have a laugh when things might not be going exactly to plan and just keep going.


Untamed World expeditions are physically demanding and while you don’t need to be super fit you do need to be active and have a reasonable level of fitness. The level of experience and fitness required to join one of our teams varies depending on which adventure you’re thinking of joining. We grade all our expeditions so you have an idea of what you’re letting yourself in for. Take a look at our guide to Expedition Grading to see how hard you can expect to be working.