Untamed World invests heavily in the leadership of our expeditions and our experienced expedition leaders combine a passion for adventure with unfailing professionalism. On an Untamed World expedition we use a western leader who is responsible for the overall success of the expedition and provides the technical and safety aspect. The expedition leader is fully conversant with the expedition plan, safety procedures and the emergency action plan and is trusted to make decisions on the ground with regards to the most appropriate course of action should things go not entirely to plan. We also employ local guides who provide immeasurable value through their unparalleled local knowledge. Local guides provide more than just knowledge of the area but also give us an insight into the local culture, way of life, heritage and traditions. We learn from each other and regularly provide training in order to develop local staff and provide opportunity for improvement and increased opportunity.



Expeditions by their very nature entail a degree of risk, this is why they appeal to us, the sense of adventure and achievement. By joining an Untamed World expedition you are accepting there will be a degree of risk. The nature of what we do and the remote and challenging geographical locations in which we do it means a robust and comprehensive plan is needed in order to mitigate the risk. We use a thorough process, informed by British Stand 8848 and ISO 31000, to identify the hazards, minimise the risk of an incident occurring, and develop a robust plan to deal with any incidents should they occur.

We use a three stage approach in our expedition planning and risk management process:

Stage 1 – Assess

Untamed World carry out a full threat and risk assessment prior to each expedition where potential threats and hazards are identified. We feed these outcomes into our planning process, where we put measures in place in order to ensure the risk is as low as reasonably practicable. Given the nature of the activities and locations we accept that there will be some degree of risk and it is the responsibility of the individual team members to decide whether they are happy to accept these risks too.

 Stage 2 – Plan

After we have completed a thorough risk assessment the next stage is to develop a plan incorporating the measures identified to mitigate the risk. This planning and preparation process includes:

  • Producing a comprehensive Expedition Plan.
  • Producing an Emergency Action Plan, which covers; immediate action upon an incident occurring, facilities and assets in country, extraction plans and reaction times, and sustained incident management.
  • A qualified expedition medic and comprehensive expedition medicine pack. Plus a doctor on call in the UK to provide support and advice by satellite telephone.
  • A detailed communication plan. All expeditions carry two forms of satellite communication.
  • A full team safety briefing upon arrival in country.

Stage 3 – Implement

Our experienced leaders are trained and trusted to react to situations on the ground and have the authority to implement what they deem to be the most appropriate course of action. All expeditions are equipped with a comprehensive first aid kit and all of our expedition leaders have completed the Advanced Far From Help first aid course delivered by Wilderness Medical Training. There is a communications plan in place to maintain regular contact with HQ so progress can be monitored, two forms of satellite communication are carried on all expeditions. A comprehensive expedition plan and an emergency action plan are prepared and in place and reaction to emergency scenarios is rehearsed in order to ensure that immediate action can be taken to resolve any emergency situations should they arise.

However, while all expeditions are thoroughly planned and prepared for, and all possible measures are taken to mitigate risk, this does not make our expeditions safe. By applying to join an expedition team members are accepting the inherent risk involved in expeditions.

If you have any questions regarding the planning and risk management process please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Untamed World supports the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) ‘Know Before You Go’ campaign. We recommend that you read the FCO Travel Advice for the relevant country on the FCO Website.

Insurance And Financial Protection

Untamed World complies with the 1992 Travel Package Regulations and provides financial security through membership of the Travel Trust Association.

In addition to this it is a compulsory requirement for all team members to have a comprehensive personal insurance policy in place that meets the necessary requirements for the activities and locations included in the expedition. Take a look at our page on travel Insurance for more details.