Responsible Travel


Here at Untamed World we recognise that our adventures have an impact on the places we visit and the local people who live there. We take responsible travel very seriously and we aim not only to travel responsibly ourselves but also to promote it both within the industry and the local communities in which we operate. Travel Responsibly is one of our core values and we have a number of initiatives in place which reflects this.

Local Prosperity

As far as possible Untamed World uses local guides, accommodation, transport, food and other services in order to maximise the contribution to the economic prosperity of the local community. Where we run regular expeditions we aim to provide quality employment, including promoting a fair employment policy. We lead by example when it comes to the level of pay, conditions of service and availability to all without discrimination.

Community Wellbeing

When visiting an area it is important to respect the local culture, traditions and heritage. Here at Untamed World we’re all about learning from and engaging with local communities while preserving the authentic culture of the community. We seek to improve the quality of life in local communities, through our support of local charities which focuses predominantly on local scholarships to children in order to invest in the future of the communities we visit. Where we have well established, regular operations we provide training to the local staff in order to increase their skills and thereby their opportunities. We work on improving access to resources, amenities and social support systems and work to ensure there isn’t any form of social degradation or exploitation.


Environmental Protection

We have a comprehensive approach to environmental protection. We aim to enjoy the land sustainably and preserve it for the use and enjoyment of the local communities and future generations. We promote the conservation of natural areas, habitats and wildlife. Our use of small self-supporting teams, working in conjunction with our local partners, makes it easier to minimise the pollution of air, water and land which reduces the overall environmental impact of our expeditions.

The following 5 key principles make up our practical approach to environmental protection:

  1. Remove all litter and leave nothing behind.
  2. Do not damage or remove anything from the local environment.
  3. Avoid water pollution through good waste management.
  4. Discourage the use of scarce and non-renewable resources.
  5. Support environmentally sustainable local businesses.